Local Gas Prices

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As gas prices skyrocket around the country we wanted to know just what it'll take to change your driving habits.

Gas prices are on the rise again and with OPEC nations decreasing oil production prices could rise as high as $3.00 a gallon this summer. While that's comparable with many other countries, American consumers balk at the idea of emptying their pocketbooks at the pump.

"It's getting up to $2, that's ridiculous! And with what you're paid on the beach it's hard to afford that," says resident Brenda White.

"I think it's ridiculous, I really do. I mean, I've been watching the news somewhat and there just doesn't seem to be an explanation," adds Kelly Altman.

One reason could be international oil producers are cutting back on production, leaving some drivers feeling stranded by high prices. Bruce Ackerman and his family are in town from Illinois. He says this will be the last trip this summer, and some consumers are worried they're getting gauged.

"I heard OPEC was reducing production by about one million barrels. I don't understand, that to me sounds like price fixing, and as far as I know, that's still illegal," says Bruce.

Other people say if gas does get up to $3.00 this summer they will consider trading in those gas guzzling SUVs for better gas mileage cars or carpooling, and one man even said he'd buy a bike.

One good thing could come out of the gas price hike. If fewer people are on the road maybe we can avoid the afternoon traffic jams we've been seeing in recent weeks.