Next "Bachelor" in Town

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Saturday is not only a good day to hit the beach because of the great weather, but you could also catch a glimpse of New York Giants' Quarterback Jesse Palmer.

He's in Panama City Beach celebrating Sports Illustrated's 50th Anniversary, but it's his starring role in the hit reality TV show "The Bachelor" that caught the eye of college girls who came out to see him Saturday.

The former University of Florida quarterback gets his pick of 25 girls as the first bachelor with a professional sports background. The 5th installment of "The Bachelor" starts next month, but Palmer finished taping the series a couple of weeks ago, and yes girls, he tells us he's happily taken.

"I never thought of being 'The Bachelor'", Palmer says. "I've really only watched four episodes. It came at a great time, because I'm in a time of my life when I really want to settle down, and it was in the off season, so it wasn't going to conflict with football."