Beach Annexation Wars

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The most recent round of annexation wars took a new turn Friday. Panama City Beach officials are hoping they can increase services and the size of the city.

Panama City Beach officials are fighting hard to get a bridge-to-bridge annexation study going, and Mayor Sullivan has a new idea on how to keep other cities off the beach. The Holiday Lodge property just west of the Hathaway Bridge began this debate by asking to be part of Panama City.

Commissioners there denied the request, but it was enough to get many beach officials riled up. Now, the council has decided they will ask every voter on the beach whether or not they would like to be one city, the city of Panama City Beach.

Time is running out for the beach council to come up with a plan for garbage collection. Currently, city residents have to pay for their own garbage service through a private company or take it to the compactor.

Beach council members say it's time the city started providing that service if it's affordable. Beach officials still have to approve spending the money to get the annexation study question on the ballot. The question would ask whether or not beach residents want Panama City Beach to spend the money on a study to determine whether or not one city bridge-to-bridge would be feasible.