Accident Victim Discharged From Hospital

Wednesday marks a new beginning for 12-year-old Joshua Thibodeaux and his family after a traffic accident in Lynn Haven early last week.

The family's emotional roller coaster began last Tuesday when Josh and his friend Jason Hunnery were riding their bikes to school in the North Ridge neighborhood.

Lynn Haven officers say an SUV driven by 29-year-old Virginia Griffiths came up behind the boys and hit them. One of the boys, Jason, walked away from the accident with minor bruises. Joshua ended up in the hospital with more serious injuries to his arms and pelvis.

Wednesday he's being discharged from Panama City's Gulf Coast Medical Center. Josh says it was his friend's bicycle helmet which made the difference.

“I was going to his house, he was there putting on his helmet and I said can I wear it and he said, sure why not? Luckily it saved my life."

Joshua says he wanted to wear the helmet because he thought it was cool.

He now is out of the hospital and is home to recover. Doctors say he will have to learn to walk again and will need plenty of physical therapy for both legs and arms.