Another Win for Larry Bolinger

Bay County School Board members met for several hours Wednesday afternoon trying to come to a decision about Bay High School Principal Larry Bolinger’s future.

The decision came a few minutes before 6 PM with an added stipulation. The board voted to leave Bolinger where he was and Bay Hi. This was in line with a state hearing officers decision a few weeks ago in a dispute between School Superintendent James McCalister and the school board.

Administrative Law Judge Suzanne Hood ruled the school board does have the authority to over-rule Superintendent McCalister and recommended leaving Bolinger at Bay High.

Current school board members still had to vote whether to approve Hood’s recommended order. They voted to do that Wednesday and made an addition. The board voted for Bolinger to stay at Bay High for the next two years as principal, serving out his 4-year verbal agreement he made with McCalister two years ago.

If McCalister wants to, he can challenge Hood’s ruling and today’s board vote and take the case to the First District Court of Appeals.