The Privilege to Drive

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Notifying the next of kin is the worst part of the job for Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Dennis Sorrell. Saturday afternoon Sorrell responded to an accident on Highway 77 killing three people, the second fatal accident on the highway in two days.

Each accident says Sorrell, was caused by driver error, someone driving too fast, becoming too impatient and passing when it wasn't clear.

"It's not being courteous, we have to look out for each other, it's not the roadway that's the problem, it's the drivers on the roadway."

FHP investigators say the driver of the white sports car was trying to pass a group of cars heading southbound when he ran into another car head-on, killing both people inside.

"You need to be patient enough to give yourself enough distance and not let yourself get caught up in some kind of anger or rage because this person is blocking the way to your destination."

Trooper Sorrell also says he's seen too many people die because they weren't wearing a seat belt, especially young children.

"Sir Isaac Newton was a very wise guy and when an object stops, say a car, the objects inside continue to go in that direction.”

Most importantly, Sorrell wants to just remind people that life is too important to rush anywhere at the expense of a life.

"Give yourself enough room and enough time to get where you're going safely, otherwise you may never make it."