"Green Empire"

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Kathryn Ziewitz of Southport is an English teacher at Bay High School and an investigative environmental journalist. The book she co-authored is called "Green Empire" and is hitting shelves across the country this week.

She says it's important for the citizens to understand the re-invention of St. Joe as a real estate powerhouse.

"We're seeing the successful reinvention as a real estate powerhouse instead of a paper company. It's here, you just look around you see those blue birds on signs everywhere, you see how real it is."

She also wants citizens to take a hands-on approach in local politics because it does matter.

"Citizens have been, had a very difficult time, up until recently getting involved in the process and being at the table where the decisions are made, so that's not always going to benefit the community as a whole."

You can buy "Green Empire" at local book stores or check it out at the Bay County Library.