McCalister Speaks Out

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The Bay District School Board set a precedent Wednesday when it not only wrapped up a case overruling Superintendent James McCalister, but awarded Larry Bolinger a two-year contract to be Bay High's principal.

Obviously, the superintendent isn't happy about the decision.

"It is important that I express my disappointment in the recent decision reached by our school board regarding the authority of the Superintendent of schools."

In a press conference called by McCalister, he assured the public that education will continue without any interruption despite the recent situation. He says his 30 years of education experience and commitment to serve the students and community is among many reasons he decided to speak out.

"I stand on the side of my faith to make decisions in the best interest of all students and most importantly, I stand on my integrity. For which when I act in this fashion, whether popular or not, I stand on the right side of justice."

The superintendent would not accept questions and didn't indicate whether he will appeal the board’s decision. He has 30 days to do that once the order is filed. Any appeal would have to go to the First District Court of Appeal.