TP Inspectors

The halls of the state capitol are flush with chuckles over legislation to require restaurant inspectors to determine if there is an adequate supply of toilet paper in restrooms. But despite the bathroom humor, the bill is rolling on.

We’ve all been there, the restaurant bathroom that is so disgusting you’d rather suffer than do your duty. Under legislation rolling through the capitol, the same people who inspect restaurant kitchens would also have to examine the bathrooms. Kim Hicks hopes the idea doesn’t stall. “If I go into the restroom and I don’t feel comfortable in the restroom, it’ll make you think twice about the food.”

The cheeky idea was floated this past summer after State Senator Victor Crist and his family had an unpleasant experience. The legislation hopes to wipe away a potential serious problem. For Crist, it is number two. “I was in a restroom over the summer at a restaurant. Not only did the water not work, but there wasn’t any toilet paper and the toilets didn’t function. In walks the chef, goes into the stall, comes out of the stall, and goes back into the kitchen.”

There is soft opposition from the Restaurant Association over government going too far. But café manager Dave Rainey says most will have nothing to fear. “I think it’s just a reflection on the restaurant overall and says something about the cleanliness and the performance of the restaurant and their staff.”

And for the few establishments that don’t keep up the new standards, their ranking from health inspectors will go down the drain.