Trailer Troubles

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Logan Schalk and neighbor Donna Blackerby live in the Plantation Place mobile home park just of Highway 98. They say for months their septic tank has continually overflowed into their backyard.

The property manager for Century 21 has sent crews out several times to pump the tank, but last week they sent out eviction notices, telling Logan and Donna they have 30 days to move their homes.

Many residents have called the eviction unfair and called for the property owner to fix the tank.

Logan and Donna both say it would be too expensive to move the mobile homes. Century 21 says the owner deems repairs as too expensive.

The property has been for sale since 2002. It is currently under contract. Plans call for the sale to close in June. Questions remain as to the legality of the eviction.

The state attorney general's office plans to investigate the matter.