Get Out the Vote

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Representatives from both the democratic and republican parties along with county supervisor of elections Mark Andersen spoke about the importance of a citizen's right to

Students were given the chance to register for the next election.

Junior Jeremy Head was one of the first in line to register, saying he knows it's important to be counted. Senior Anita Childress is already involved in politics, she's the leader for the Bay County Young Republicans.

Childress walked around her peers encouraging them to register as republicans and why her party is better.

"Issues as young people, issues affect us and we in America have the right to choose our government leaders, so we should choose the right person, get involved and make decisions."

Andersen says it's important to educate students about voting because everyone is affected by the results of elections.

"One of the issues of gas tax came up and there was overwhelming response out in the crowd, but they need to realize if they're going to be involved in how they need to particular and register and vote."

Within the next two weeks, students at all Bay County high schools will have a chance to register at their school.