Mosley Sea Oat Project

It won t be too long until you see some full-grown sea oats on the beach around Pier Park.

About fifty Mosley High School Seniors, in conjunction with the Bay Soil and Water Conservation District, took to the beaches Thursday morning to help the environment and the community by planting sea oats on the beach where storms and hurricanes had washed them away.

As part of their Environmental Science and Outdoor Education classes, the students sewed the sea oat seeds on the beach in the fall the seeds were then taken to a green house where they were cared for while awaiting spring.

And Thursday, Mosley Seniors planted the sea oats about two feet apart from each another.

Mosley Senior Sarah Kirkland was active in the project. "We’re planting the sea oats out on the beach today just to harvest some more. The population is down a little bit and we wanted just to bring them back a little bit and make Bay County more beautiful."

In addition to their beauty, sea oats do a marvelous job in holding sand dunes in place during storms. They also serve as a barrier to help the dunes grow larger and prevent the sand from eroding.

Twenty-five hundred sea oats were planted Thursday, which covers about ten thousand square feet of beach.