Cedar Grove Residents Say No to Proposed Mobile Home Park

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A new mobile home park may not get off the ground in the city of Cedar Grove if some residents have their way. City officials are now taking a closer look at the proposed plans after angry residents told them the park would devalue their property.

A planning board meeting was held Monday to look over the plans for a mobile home park on Everitt Avenue in Cedar Grove turned into a soapbox for many angry residents who say they don't want to see it in their neighborhood in the end the city to hold off on plans to approve the development. Pine Tree Place Subdivision off of Avenue in Cedar Grove is a quiet community.

Each road dead-ends in a cul-de-sac and residents plan to retire here. So when some found out developer wants to build a mobile home park across street they were very unhappy.

“We're not too happy about it. This is a nice neighborhood. We don't want a bunch of junkie trailers. We want to keep our community nice," says Charles Broxton.

"I'm concerned about it being out here, because it makes the value of our homes go down," says Marilyn Sheffield.

But developer Peaden says his mobile park won't be of others in the area. Peaden decided to place homes comparable to those in the Pine Tree subdivision in front of his park to conceal the trailers.

Planning board members say they want to do more research to find out how a mobile home park might affect the area. They meet again two weeks from Monday night.