Jerusalem Re-creation Sets the Stage

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Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was this recreation of Jerusalem.

"It seems like he probably has 400 hours in this and about 175 gallons of paint," says Pastor Tommy Moore of Carmel Assembly Church

The work that went into the 360-degree view of the ancient city was inspired by an annual Easter re-enactment at the Carmel Assembly of God Church, but its details, size and scope is a product of the painter's own vision.

Larry Polston took on the painting task even though he's only been painting for five years and has never taken an art class.

"He shared with me that he'd like to do a full 360-degree, panoramic view for everyone sitting in the house to look like they're sitting in the middle of the set and he certainly produced that far beyond our expectations."

Pastor Moore says the entire stage for the Easter re-enactment cost about $5,000. He says it would have been a lot more expensive without Polston's volunteer work.Even so, the wall-to-wall canvas re-creation is very valuable to the church's congregation in that it adds to their Easter experience and their desire to celebrate.

Larry Polston works full-time at the Department of Transportation when he isn't painting.