Toddler Home Alone

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Marianna police officers responded to a panic alarm this week at an apartment. Inside they say they found the three-year-old boy crawling around in dirty diapers.

The child apparently tripped the alarm. They turned the boy over to the Department of Children and Families, then arrested his 40-year old father when he tried to claim the boy the next day.

"Anytime we receive a call like this, it touches the hearts of these officers because they have children too, and that's something that we're all concerned about is the safety of our children, and this child being only three years of age was certainly put in a position that the child didn't need to be in," says Marianna Police Chief Lou Roberts.

Police are not releasing the man or the boy's name, but they say this isn't the first time DCF has responded to child neglect calls about the father.