Traffic Tickets Are On the Rise in Bay County

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If you've gotten a speeding ticket lately, you're not alone. There's been a spike in traffic citations this year in Bay County, and law enforcement officials say the trend will probably get worse.

Bay County is growing by leaps and bounds, and law enforcement officials say that means more people on our roadways. Compound that with construction in all parts of the county and the usual influx of vacationers to our area during this time of year, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Law enforcement officials say people are less patient and more careless. Since January of this year the Sheriff's Office has issued close to 4,500 tickets, that's 400 more than they issued this time last year.

Sheriff Frank McKeithen says he doesn't see the problem going away anytime soon. Law enforcement officials say they've also seen an increasing problem in neighborhoods because people are trying to avoid the main roads that are backed up because of traffic. The Sheriff wants to warn all drivers that law enforcement is out in full force and they will be ticketing if you're driving recklessly.

The sheriff says they've seen an increasing problem around the Hathaway Bridge area and on Highway 77, but he also says it's not the roads that are dangerous, but the wreckless drivers on them.