Post Card Attacks Family

Businesses across Panama City Beach thrive on the millions of dollars Spring Breakers spend as they party it up day and night. But for some this time of year means total mayhem. Now a coalition group is trying to voice its opinion by sending out post cards.

While this may seem innocent, one local business family call's it a personal attack.

Bob Warren, C-E-O of the PCB Visitors Bureau says during month of March alone "Spring Break attracts 250 to 300 thousand college students and deposits 60 million dollars in direct deposits."

For many, the big bucks Spring Breakers bring in to the local economy is no surprise. But this was. It’s a post card circulating in Panama City Beach sent by "The Christian Coalition for a Clean Spring." It's marked with a slogan that reads, "Let's clean up spring."

It also shows the picture of the Bennett family, owners of Hammerhead Fred's night club, Sharky's Beach Club and the new Sea-Haven development project.

And though it seems innocent at first glance, the post card also shows pictures of what the coalition calls are lewd and lascivious behavior, taking place inside the Bennett's family owned night clubs. We tried contacting the coalition today and so far they are no where to be found.

Julian Bennett calls this post card a cowardly attack. The reason the senders are no where to be found, means what they say its not true, this is an attack on my family."

The group demands the family put an immediate end to the club parties and adopt a 25 year old and over age policy. An idea local tourism officials say is next to impossible. "If we could just walk away from 60 million dollars in March revenue, I don't know if that will ever occur."

Speaking on behalf of the family, Julian Bennett says that while they are planning to make changes in their businesses, it has nothing to do with what this group has to say. You might remember a couple weeks ago a group called "The Resort Coalition” began a movement to put in place a policy to stop renting to anyone under 25. A spokesman for the group says it has nothing to do with the post card.