My Safe Florida Home

State officials say Florida’s popular program to help harden your home against hurricanes is doing its job, in spite of some critics’ concerns.

The My Safe Florida Home Program has taken thousands of applications from people looking for grant money to make repairs. Some home improvement businesses now say people aren’t buying hurricane shutters and other hurricane-proofing equipment out of uncertainty over when and if the program will pay up.

But Tami Torres of My Safe Florida Home program say the checks will be in the mail to approved homeowners who make the necessary improvements.

“We have already received reimbursement forms from homeowners who are participating in the program. We take that as a good sign. We sent out 14,000 grant applications in January, we’ve already heard back from 4,000 homeowners of that group."

Torres says many checks have already gone out.

"And we’ve already sent out grant award packages to 3,600 of those homeowners. We’ve seen six come back this week and they are pursuing everything from shutters to roof improvements to doing the whole package on their house and we’re very excited about that.”

State officials speculate fewer people are buying storm protection products because we did not have any hurricanes last year.