Pet Food Makes Local Cats Deathly Ill

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Officials say rat poison in a popular pet food brand is responsible for killing several animals and making hundreds sicker.

Menu foods recalled 60 million cans and pouches of its wet food last week.

Wednesday afternoon, New York agriculture officials said they found the toxin aminopterin while conducting lab tests on the food, but a local woman says it may be too late for her cats that eat "special kitty" food, one of several menu foods brands.

Wednesday, a veterinarian diagnosed them with renal disease.

The pet owner says her cats go through two packs per cat per day, and she says there's no telling how long her pets have been sick.

Dr. Stephen Favaloro, a veterinarian, said, "They're blood values were so obnoxiously high that's not something you get over a chronic disease. There's something that has acutely affected these cats and offended their kidneys to the point where they were in shut down."

A Canada court has filed a civil lawsuit against menu foods. There’s no word yet on whether there will be legal action in the U.S.

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