The Sky is Not the Limit

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Getting ready for the flight was enough to make anyone in the room a little bit nervous. Officer First Class Chris Fancher prepped everyone getting ready to take the fastest ride in their life.

First things first, Fancher explained what to do to avoid losing lunch. I asked Greg what he ate today, only a small bowl of cereal, something he may see a little later. After all the preps were done, Greg was belted in to the FA-18 and awaited clearance to take-off.

Lieutenant Justin Otto prepares the aircraft and warn Greg the fun is about to start. Greg realized this wasn't an ordinary plane ride. This is Lieutenant Otto's first season being a part of the Blue Angels. He's flown for the Navy for eight years and always wanted to be part of the elite group.

"You get a chance to show some of the maneuvers that the planes can do and I think most kids get excited about that and it's certainly. I remember the first time I saw the Blue Angels, I was five years old."

The Blue Angels will perform around the country almost 70 shows this year representing the military and inspiring future pilots.

Greg has a little more respect for the pilot after the ride is finished and he's back on solid, but unsteady, ground.

"Before they were here, they were on the front line and they go out there and represent and defend America, whether it be the Navy, the Air Force, it doesn't matter. They're all part of the same team."

Although the flight was fun, Greg did admit it left him a little lopsided, and leaving him with a different perspective about why the sky is not necessarily the limit.