Beach Fun Day

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Okaloosa students enjoyed their first day of spring break at the beach, but they aren't just getting a tan.

Okaloosa County anti-coalition chairman Bill Terry says the spring breakers are learning some important safety tips as well.

"A prevention message that we're trying to get out particularly to the Okaloosa County schools and the high and middle school kids that they're underage and don't drink."

"And this is one of the events and projects that we identified this year that we try to get our message out to our youth."

Organizations like MADD, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Kitty Hawk Kites and XL Kites offered safety demonstrations, helping to deliver that message.

"The folks from MADD are here demonstrations of the drunk driving simulator goggles that you put on it really messes your vision and hopefully let our folks see what it's like.

"It was hard. Don't drink; it's hard enough walking, much less driving."

"You shouldn't do drugs and alcohol or stuff because it really could affect your body bad."

Students also learned other safety tips.

"I learned how to protect myself how to get away and I also learned from poncho the safety dog."

"Like say, for instance, if you’re out there boating you always have to wear a life jacket."

"I think that they're really enthused about being able to go around and approach the folks that are here on spring break and get the message out that we're able to tell them that we're looking for prevention of underage drinking."

The Department of Children and Families gave the coalition a $35,000 grant to fund the "Beach Fun Day." The Sexual Assault Interagency Council will host an event on April 5.