Spring Break

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This week’s local spring breakers will have some events for them to enjoy while they're on the beach.

"We'll have DJs. We'll also have games entertainment of that sort. Season been wonderful, we're having our best spring break ever."

Club La Vela marketing director Chris Pitts says they've seen a different crowd every week.

"This spring break's been actually great. We're actually up from last year. That's something we're noticing; spring break is we're stretching it out. We're filling in some of these weeks with Canadians, different other groups, so we're really expanding the spring break."

And out of town spring breakers say they can't wait to come back next year.

"It's been wonderful. I love the sun. I love the beach. I miss the old mom and pops stuff because it's a little bit of character. It reminds me of the old Vegas. But I'm still gonna come back. I love coming to the beach."

"I love Panama City Beach. The water's beautiful, the people are nice, the food is great. I love the condos."

"I love Panama City. I've been coming here for like 20 years."

"The kids love being here we do a lot of our own stuff. We try to make it its own little paradise."

Many businesses say this year has been one of their biggest and they expect it to keep getting better in the years to come.