9/11 Hearing Local Reaction

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The political fallout from the 9/11 hearings is hitting close to home for one local family.

Don Arias says he's getting used to life without his brother Adam, something he never thought he'd have to do, but he says it dishonors the memory of those lost in the September 11th attacks to politicize what comes out of the hearings.

Arias with his family Thursday in Lynn Haven says the hearings going on in Washington are supposed to provide a healthy dialogue and maybe some closure for those still wanting answers, but he says partisan finger-pointing is not where our focus should be.

"I think a lot of Americans are eager to find who's responsible for September 11, and someone has been found responsible for 9/11, we just haven't caught him yet."

Arias says he hopes the hearings will offer the knowledge that could keep our country safe from this type of attack again.

He says although his family will ever fully recover from losing their youngest brother, Arias says he hopes the hearings will find a way to keep other families from this same heartache.