A Huge Ship Brings New Opportunities to Port of P.C.

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The controversial dredging project in the St. Andrew Bay is finally complete. Now, some say the effects of the project on our local economy are coming to fruition.

Harbor pilot Jim Fuller hasn't seen a ship this large come through the here in more than a decade. The 800 foot long by 160 foot wide Canadian ship delivered granite to this Saturday afternoon, but that was only because the channel is four feet deeper.

The ship plunges 33 feet beneath the Gulf's surface. Fuller says the economic benefits are definitely apparent.

"A thousand dollars ship like this, and for some of them an addition foot of draft can mean $50,000 to the local economy," says Harbor Pilot, Jim Fuller.

Fuller says the conditions of the local waters are constantly changing, so he still had to carefully direct the fleet into the port, but now he says his job is a little easier.