Bonifay Officer Shot

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Police say a routine call just went wrong Saturday morning as a Bonifay Police officer ends up in the hospital. Bonifay Police Investigator Steven Lee is recovering in stable condition Saturday night at Flowers Hospital in Dothan after being shot numerous times responding to a nuisance call.

Police say Dwight McWaters opened fire on Lee and then barricaded himself in his house.

Next door neighbor, Zach Nalls, say, "It was like a big shoot-out, there were bullets flying everywhere".

Nalls says his family called the cops on McWaters Saturday morning because he had been talking to himself and shooting at the bushes across the street from his house.

Nalls says, "He's crazy in the head saying he sees somebody in the bushes, but I looked and nobody was there".

Witnesses say when Investigator Lee arrived he tried to subdue McWaters and McWaters ran back into his house got his gun and started shooting. Lee was shot several times as he ran back to his car and called for backup.

Two Florida Highway Patrol Officers were the first ones to respond.

FHP Troop Commander Major Randy Brown says, "When they got to the scene there was an officer down".

The shootout ended badly for Dwight McWaters. He was shot several times before a SWAT team was sent in to bring him out of his house. McWaters is in critical condition Saturday at Southeast Alabama Medical Center in Dothan.

Witnesses say McWaters was shot in the neck. Investigator Lee's wife says Lee is in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit. She says he was talking before he went into surgery. As of Saturday night family members say Lee is recovering from surgery.