Unlucky, Single Mom Wins Big

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Ever enter a contest and sulk when you find out someone, who doesn't seem to deserve the prize, wins? One Lynn Haven mom beat the odds, winning a prize that she definitely deserved.

A simple twist of the raffle machine seemed to turn single mother Jillian Parker's luck completely around. Her name was pulled from the thousands submitted. Her prize was a brand new car.

"It was unbelievable, amazing, a miracle really because I did not have a car. I'm a single mother. I've been through a lot of hardship. I'm just getting back to being employed. I didn't think I'd have the opportunity to drive a new car ever again," Jillian Parker says.

The car she had been borrowing was in bad shape.

"There's no door handle on the outside. To get in they had to crawl through or wait till’ I opened it," Jillian says.

"Turns out her luck wasn't so good lately. She's a single mom, two young children, she didn't have a car, so it's really rewarding to give away a car, but especially rewarding in this situation," Kia Dealer, J.R. Ezzell says.

Jillian was supposed to pay for the taxes and fees attached to the car, but she couldn't afford the $1,200 bill, so a salesman at Kia picked up the tab.