Jackson County Landfill Growth

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Waste Management’s landfill manager, Achaya Kelapanda, says the company is making room for more trash in its Jackson County landfill, going from three so-called landfill cells to four, but he says the landfill's growth is not unexpected.

"It's not really new growth. The cell that we're building is a natural progression of the landfill that's been permitted by the state," says Kelapanda.

Waste Management expects to build ten more landfill cells in the next 52 years. Kelapanda emphasizes that the landfill is regional, meaning it can accept trash from throughout north Florida and parts of Georgia and Alabama.

The landfill is in Jackson County, but over 90 percent of the trash behind me comes from somewhere else. Leon County alone brings in about 500 tons of trash a day or almost one-fourth of the landfill's daily trash, and yet the cost of bringing outside trash into Waste Management's Jackson County landfill is only $1.25 more per ton than trash from within the county.

In turn, Waste Management pays the county a portion of the money they take in at the landfill.

The landfill only has two families living right outside its Campbellton facility. One says they're grateful for the jobs it brings to the area. Another says it wants the company to buy out their now-devaluated property.