Shootout Survival

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The recovery is not expected to be pain free for Investigator Scott Lee who's still in the surgical intensive care unit, but everyone crammed in the hospital lobby are just glad this is a story about survival.

It's also a story about impressive response in a time of crisis, especially for Lee's father Ronald.

"Very shortly, two troopers who happened to be in Bonifay arrived. Trooper Rick Warden and Milton Brown and they saved the day."

The Florida Highway Patrol troopers were the first to arrive on the scene using their cars to block Lee's wounded body from any further gunshots.

"Very lucky, they were in the right place at the right time and it was for a reason."

Holmes County Sheriff Dennis Lee says the effort throughout law enforcement during this event proves the officers are all part of the same team.

"I was proud because Walton County's sheriff called me and said his SWAT team was in route, Bay County's was in route and Washington County’s was there in just a short time."

Investigator Steven Lee's wife, Lynn, is another unusual counterpart in this story, she is a sergeant at the sheriff's office and was working at the time the call came through for help, help for her husband.

"When this started I had a part-time dispatcher working in there and she heard the commotion and she ran in there and helped with some of the dispatching before she turned loose to go and check on her husband. Lynn is a pretty amazing person."

Amazing people all who now share an amazing story of survival and how they could support each other even when the worst was so close to becoming possible.