Panama City Man May Be Homeless on Easter Sunday

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Imagine being homeless on Easter Sunday. That's what one Panama City man is faced with after his home burnt to the ground this past week.

Sixty-two-year-old James Rutlidge is now staying at the Econo Lodge off of U.S. 98, which the Red Cross is paying for up until Easter Sunday. After that James will be homeless because he has no family or friends to live with.

The Red Cross also gave him some new clothes and groceries, which might sustain James until he gets his Social Security check next month, but what good are clothes and food when you have no place to stay?

"If Sunday comes and I have to move all this out I don't know what I'll do. That's what has me worried. I don't have no place to go," says James Rutledge.

"We have a 62-year-old man who's on Social Security and can't hardly walk, and there's nothing for him. He's worked his entire life and had a place until Wednesday, and now he has nothing," says Stephanie Wilson.

If you want to help you can call Stephanie Wilson at 785-5740.