Spring Break Boom

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Spring Break on Panama City Beach has become a hot spot for high school and college students to spend a week on the world's most beautiful beaches. While the season is not yet over, it's starting to trickle down.

Dennis Sutherlind is a manager with Thrillville, USA. This is Sutherlind's first trip with the rides to Panama City Beach, and he says it's not exactly the wall-to-wall breakers he expected.

"It didn't quite pan out that way, we would have been with the initial cost to set up were probably haven't paid our rent with what we made off of them."

Sutherlind says the breakers seem to spend less here, spending more time walking or driving down Front Beach Road.

"Sometimes you feel like a used car salesman standing out there on the sidewalk, trying to get people to come in and ride."

Richard Jackson, the city manager for Panama City Beach, says less motel rooms on the beach means less breakers on the beach, but it might be have a positive outcome.

"I think I did notice one thing this year, I don't have any numbers, but it seemed like a lot of spring breakers on the other side of the bridge at some of the motels."

The staff at New York's Famous Joey's Pizza on Thomas Drive say the spring break numbers might be down, but the numbers at the restaurant are only going up.

Gordon Murphy says the doors stay open until four in the morning, only the business only fills up the later it gets.

"Oh good lord, we have them backed up out the door, back down around the corner
here. They're coming back from the club. They walk on by and they just stop in here."

So, while some are hoping this week will bring in a good finishing touch to the accounts, others are saying the beach is still a nationwide spring break hotspot.