Clean Beaches Summit

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Monday kicked off the First Annual Clean Beaches Summit held at the village of Baytown Warf in Sandestin.

For the first time ever, professionals and educators have come from all over the country to discuss ways to keep America's beaches clean.

The conference will use the beaches of south Walton this week as examples of design and planning. Officials say that keeping the beaches clean should become a priority for everyone.

Frank Muller Karger of the U.S. Ocean Policy Commission, says, "This is important for you and fore me because we go to the beach, we eat seafood, we go around in boats and cruises, ‘cause we breathe and we live on this planet. If we're not careful about what we're doing we're going to change it in a way that is not going to sustain our own health and it's going to eventually."

The conference runs through Wednesday.