DOT Works to Ease Traffic Congestion at Thomas Drive Project

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Ask and you shall receive. That's the lesson to be taken from the lastest changes at this busy and often times backed up intersection.

The Department of Transportation says it has asked those overseeing the Thomas Drive project to synchronize traffic lights and keep access to nearby driveways open at all times.

This is response to e-mails and phone calls from frustrated drivers looking to make their daily commute a little easier.

"This is a constant ongoing project. I won't say that you will see immediate relief overnight, but we are concerned about it and will continue to work on it to see that traffic is flowing smoothly," says Tommie Speights of the Department of Transportation.

The new changes are not enough for some. Several residents of the Woodlawn community near the construction project say their big problem has not yet been solved. They want DOT to provide a protected left with a green arrow to let them into their community's only entrance, but DOT's spokesperson says they have no plans to do that because it would mean trying to dig under the construction area to put in a fiber optic line for the signal.

Further, DOT says the green arrow would mean westbound traffic could be severely backed up far worst than the days it's been backed up to the mall on Lisenby Avenue.

The Thomas Drive flyover project isn't scheduled to be finished for another year and a half.