All About the Numbers

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The Indian Summer Festival will have another year under the supervision of the Tourist Development Council and the Convention and Visitor's Bureau. Board members approved the festival under strict financial guidelines monitored regularly by the board.

Bob Warren, the director of the TDC/CVB, says this year's budget is prepared to make money.

"We are projecting a 2,000 dollar revenue based on this year's calculations," says Warren.

The board members still brought up pointed issues about inaccurate financial statements about the total loss after last year's festival. None of the books included salaries or other various expenses related to the event, but the staff says this year's changes will make up for money lost.

Warren also says because of fewer acts and a significant cut in revenue allowed for big name artists, the festival is financially prepared for a worst case scenario, but next year board members are ready to hand the festival to a private company and let someone else worry about the loss.

Cody Kahn, the chairman of the board, says it isn't good business sense.

"I don't believe the TDC should be in concert business, maybe not to that level, on concerts. We can provide entertainment, but it doesn't have to be that expensive," Kahn says.

The three-day event will remain a staple for October, hoping to fill rooms and avoid the rain, although in 2005 the event will probably end up in the hands of a private company.