Bonifay Police Chief Wants Bigger Guns

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Three weeks ago, Bonifay Police Officer Steven Lee told his fellow officers he couldn't feel his legs after he was shot six times by a man with a history of mental health problems.

Today, he's working to get back on his feet and back on the job.

"It's going to be a long process, but I do have some feeling back to my leg and some mobility that I didn't have a couple of weeks ago," says Lee.

Lee was responding to a complaint about Dwight McWaters when McWaters began firing at Lee. McWaters later died from shots he suffered after a shootout with Lee and four other officers who came to Lee's aid.

In the aftermath of the shootout, Bonifay's police chief wants the city to buy its officers assault rifles like the one owned by lee that protected him from McWaters own high-powered rifle.

"Once I was struck the last time and I was more or less paralyzed, I was able to use the rifle from where I was at, laying down, to return some cover fire."

Bonifay's city council says it will buy more protective vests, also requested by the chief, but says it will need more time to consider the guns.

Bonifay city commissioners will take up Chief Bennett's request at their next meeting on April 26.