Inquiring Minds

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The world's most beautiful beaches played host to a racy story about racecar driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. this week, but is it true?

Jack Bishop owns Harpoon Harry's where the National Enquirer says a bar brawl broke out in the parking lot. Bishop says it doesn't sound like the man at his bar. Earnhardt even paid the cover charge before anyone realized who he was.

Tracey Dunn waited on the group that weekend, saying they were nothing but polite.

"They had a very good time, they were nothing but complete gentleman. We took care of them, they tipped our staff very well."

After the supposed bar brawl, the enquirer says the men headed back to a loud night of partying at their En Soleil condo.

Ruth Sasser with the Bay County Sheriff's Office says a deputy did respond one time, not three nights in a row, and it wasn't the reported wild party with naked women.

"No one was naked, unlike what you read in some of the articles written about this supposed incident. No one was naked, no one acting really all that inappropriate. They were just bothering other guests."

The tabloid also reported that Earnhardt and fellow Nascar driver Jamie McMurray damaged go-carts at the "Indy Speedway" on Thomas Drive.

Tack manager Tim Churchill says the men were there, but didn't damage anything.

James Finch of Bay County, owns Phoenix Racing and flew Earnhardt down for the weekend and let them stay in his condo. Finch told NewsChannel Seven all the men are friends of his and they came down to have a good time. Not exactly the booze-soaked weekend reported by one tabloid.