Boaters Found

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Two men are safe with their family after a grueling 48 hours stranded in the Gulf.

Miracles do happen as the Heybrock family found out Thursday. After more than 48 hours lost in the Gulf of Mexico, Ken Heybrock and his 18-year-old son Josh were reunited with their family, Thursday, at Bay Medical Center.

"I couldn't think of anything more beautiful than you right now" were Ken Heybrock's words as he saw his wife for the first time since their ordeal began. The reunion many never thought would happen did happen Thursday afternoon. It's been an emotionally charged couple of days for the family.

Ken and son Josh left Tuesday afternoon for a short trip on a 20-foot catamaran. They wound up in Steinhatchee, Florida just south of the "Big Bend", 87 miles away from Indian Pass at Cape San Blas where they started.

The Coast Guard found the father and son and flew them back to Bay County Airport where the pair still had the strength to walk to the waiting ambulance. They even thanked the Coast Guard rescuers as they got off the helicopter.

Now, the two men are back on dry land and just a little sunburned. High school senior Josh will head off to the Air Force this summer. Ken says his son's survival skills saved them.

"My son had the idea to wrap themselves in the sails to stay warm and then also drink the water from the moisture that the sails caught because they lost all their water and food.”

In the midst of all this craziness, wife and mother Amy Heybrock remembered Thursday was tax day and called to file for an extension. Amy, Ken and their four children are spending the evening together finally able to sleep now that their ordeal is over.