Walton Flags

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With near perfect weather, and blue flags flying in Walton County, Friday seemed like a great day to take a dip along the Emerald Coast.

But some beachgoers say they'd get in the water no matter what color flag flew overhead.

“People are gonna go out if they wanna go out. Usually when you put boundaries on things and people just do it more anyway. Yeah.”

Recently, Walton County adopted a new state recommended beach flag warning system, but when can we except to see the change? Walton County TDC officials say they're waiting on the state.

Brad Pickel, Beach Management Director, says, “We wanna make sure that we get the signage from the Department of Environmental Protection that they're sending to use that we hope to get in the next week so that we're putting up the correct signage with the new flag system instead of doing it piece mail.

The TDC says the new system should be in place by Memorial day. Though one beachgoer says he has a better idea to get people out of the water.

Ben Ferguson of Freeport says, “All they have to do is get the loudspeakers and go down the beach and holler shark, shark, there's been ten shark attacks further down the beach and people will walk on water getting out of there.”

Hopefully, it won't come to that.