Spring Break Arrests Decrease

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Panama City Beach
continues to lead the state
in the number of arrests during spring break.
In fact, our area had
more than double the number
of arrests than other spring break hotspots.

But the trend starts to
change when you look at the
number of arrests this year
compared to last.
Panama City Beach
Police officials
report 600 less arrests this
"Crowds were a bit
softer. We certainly didn't
have the same amount of
rooms as we did last year, which means we didn't have as many spring breakers," says Beach Police Major David Humphreys.

Police officials say
less affordable motels on
the beach means less spring breakers, and in turn a decrease in crime. But
that's not the only reason
arrests are down for beach
They're getting more
help from outside agencies.

"If the Beverage agents
can issue beverage
citations that allows
troopers to handle traffic
violations, and Beach
officers to handle crowd
control. We're more successful because we're all working together," says Major Humphreys

And some agencies seem to
have a higher arrest rate
depending on which crimes
and violations they focus

Alcohol Beverage and
Tobacco Agents made more
than 3-thousand paper
arrests for underage
drinkers, which is about
the same as last year.
But agency officials expect that number to decline as the number of spring breakers decline.