The Island City

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Panama City Beach Mayor Lee Sullivan says the registered voters on the beach deserve the opportunity to speak their mind about annexation. At Thursday's City Council meeting they discussed alternatives in case Bay County commissioners do not agree to a straw ballot for county voters on the beach.

Several council members spoke about the lack of support from the county. They say hiring a private polling company or even holding an independent vote on the island are some ideas.

Mayor Sullivan says absentee property owners are not the city's priority; the priority is citizens who live on the beach.

"I want to hear from the people that live here, that vote here. That's who I want to hear from. I respect the people that have a home here, they visit, we live here. I want to know what we want to do," says Sullivan.

Panama City Beach has already approved a straw ballot; however, they need approval from the County Commission for a ballot question to be added in county precincts.