Kevin Wood's Oreos

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Kevin Wood has never been afraid to take an unpopular stance on a political or social issue. But this time his critics say he's gone too far.

Wood called several local black leaders "Oreos" for supporting former Bay County Sheriff Guy Tunnell in his bid for the FDLE Commissioner's job. Wood aimed his comments at Bay District School Supt. James McCalister, Callaway City Commissioner George Smith and Panama City Commissioner Jonathon Wilson.

Wood claims Tunnell is a racist, for exerting pressure on a beach nightclub that catered to predominantly black clientele.

"We need to have an award for those black leaders who are white on the inside and black on the outside, called the Oreo Award,” Wood says.

"So you are saying Commissioner George Smith, Superintendent McCalister, and Commissioner Jonathan Wilson are Oreos?” was asked of Wood.

"Yes, and I'll go on the record,” Wood says.

Thursday morning Wood continued his attack, faxing Supt. McCalister his "Oreo Award."

We contacted McCalister, Smith and Wilson. All said they knew about Wood's comments, but don't want to dignify them with a response.

One person who did comment on the attack is Guy Tunnell, "He's making Bay County look bad. It upsets me to hear that."

Wood says local black leaders are supporting Tunnell just to keep their political careers safe.

"I hope they are offended." We asked Wood how he could call one man a racist while making racial comments himself.

"It's not a racial slur, it's a historical term used to describe those African-Americans who turn their back on their community."

The state senate is expected to approve Tunnell as the permanent FDLE Commissioner by the end of this month.