Deja-Vu Arrest

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Deputy J.C. Culbreath and his police dog Scott make a lot of drug arrests, but neither has ever had to face the same drug suspect twice, at least not until this past Thursday morning.

"I stopped him going westbound on the interstate. He was driving a rental car, and I didn't recognize him. He reminded me that I stopped him two years ago."

Culbreath arrested former Fort Walton Beach resident, Carlos Santana McKnight after the stop in April 2002 and again this April. McKnight was driving a rental car both times and carrying large amounts of drugs.

"He's charged with trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in cocaine, and carrying a concealed weapon. Last time he was charged with possession of marijuana over 20 and he had a gun last time also."

Deputy Culbreath says he's blown-away by all the coincidences. But he's not gloating. Instead he hopes McKnight proves him wrong the next time he's free to drive through Washington County while Culbreath is on duty.

"The thing about drug dealers and most dopers is that they're consistent. If they used that consistency and applied it to something legal, they'd probably be successful in life."

Carlos Santana McKnight is still on probation for his guilty plea after his last run-in with deputy Culbreath. That plea cost him his job with the US Air Force.