Inmates on Trial for Attacking Corrections Officers

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Inmates Tracy Wright and Darrell Jenkins are both charged with aggravated battery for hitting three to four corrections officers with horseshoes.

But Wright alone is charged with attempting to murder Officer Patrick Steele with an aluminum baseball bat, and then using Steele's pepper spray against another officer.

"As they're trying to warn him, call him, he turns partially around and as he's turning around, the inmate smashes him in the face with that metal baseball bat," says prosecutor Barbara Finch.

"I didn't even see it coming. I just felt it," says Sgt. Patrick Steele.

Steele was in critical condition for a while during which doctors inserted several metal plates and wires to reconstruct his face. Defense attorneys for Wright and Jenkins do not dispute that Steele and five other officers were attacked last May, but they do dispute their clients' alleged participation in the attacks, saying that hundreds of other black male inmates present in the recreation area where the attacks took place could also be considered suspects.

Darrell Jenkins is already serving a life sentence for murder and Tracy Wright is serving 32 years, ten of those are for offenses he committed while in prison.