7 People Injured in Highway 231 Crash

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PANAMA CITY - Paramedics took 7 people to the hospital this evening after a traffic crash in Hiland park.

One of the victims, a child, was thrown from one of the vehicles.

The crash happened a little before 5:00 Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of Highway 231 and East Avenue.

Panama city police say the silver SUV tried to turn left from 231 onto East Avenue.

The white Nissan heading north on 231, t-boned the SUV.

"I heard a loud sound and it was kind of like thunder but it wasn't thunder. I come out and look and I see the cars there crashed and there's a girl screaming, 'my baby, my baby," said Mindy Bailey, Panama City resident.

Panama City Police say the light was changing yellow as the two vehicles collided.

The silver SUV reportedly went airborne, landing on it's side.

Three people were inside the white Nissan and four in the silver SUV.

Paramedics took all 7 people to the hospital.

One of them, an adult, was partially thrown from a vehicle.

A child was completely ejected.

"She regained consciousness. It's unclear what her status was. All I have is witness statements right now, but she was alive and we're pending further information on everyone's medical status," said Melanie Law, Panama City Police Department.

The crash is still under investigation.