Sparkling Clean

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Keeping the beaches clear of trash is not easy, especially when the seasons of tourists bring thousands to the beach. Bob Warren, the director of the Tourist Development Council, understands the importance of a clean beach.

"Obviously our beaches are the most important single asset that we offer to the visitors that come here and the beach staying clean is a very important thing."

The TDC is heavily indebted to the beaches that are responsible for luring the tourists year after year. The TDC, in turn, is responsible for emptying the trash barrels dispersed along Panama City Beach.

"Depending on the season that pick-up is anywhere from three days a week to as much as four and we have, on occasion, had to go to seven."

It's exactly those high traffic seasons that concern the TDC, especially if property owners aren't doing their part to keep it clean. Richard Jackson, the city manger for Panama City Beach, says the city and the county have laws to protect the beach.

"The city adopted an ordinance last year that requires property owners along the scenic corridor as well as the Gulf itself to keep their property free of litter."

Warren says it might be time to look at a better way of enforcing these ordinances because not everyone is complying.

"It's the larger businesses and obviously there are times like during Spring Break when the volume of trash are in excess and we have to keep the beaches clean."

Not only for the tourists, but for anyone who wants to keep the world's most beautiful beaches beautiful.