Man Dies 15 Hours After Leaving a Car Accident Scene

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The first 9-1-1 call one-car accident came in at around 9:30 Monday night. Here's part of the conversation between the bystander who placed the call and a dispatcher at the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

"Well, Mr. Griffin, I need to know whether or not to send an ambulance. Is he bleeding anywhere?"

Five seconds later...

"He says he's fine, but his dad's coming down here, so I guess if they need anyone they'll call, but for right now he's ok"

According to the FHP trooper who responded to the scene, the 22-year-old Werner was traveling east on Sunny Hills Boulevard when he sideswiped a concrete light pole. No other officer responded to the scene and no ambulance was ever sent.

"On two occasions, they asked if they needed medical attention and they said they did not. The young man's father arrived at the scene and again he said his son did not need medical attention," says Washington County Sheriff Fred Peel.

The next afternoon, Werner's father found his son dead on their couch. Officials were at first concerned that the death maybe related to the crash. Werner did complain about a sprained ankle at the scene, but as of Wednesday morning, Sheriff Peel says the crash may have nothing to do with his death.

"The preliminary report from the medical examiner is that there were no injuries received in the accident that would be consistent with him dying," says Sheriff Peel.

The trooper at the scene did not test Werner for alcohol or drugs. The Washington County deputy who responded to Werner's house the next day did make a list of his prescriptions.