New Walton County Cultural Plan

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About a year ago, John Graham and 18 others set out to develop a plan that would strengthen the arts, heritage and culture in Walton County; no easy task considering the agendas of the north and south ends of the county can sometimes differ.

Wednesday Graham unveiled the fruits of that labor, the 2004 Walton Cultural Plan, one that offers suggestions such as strengthening arts and cultural education programs, establishing a cultural council and conducting an inventory of environmental sites within the county.

Graham says the plan took many things into account.

“Clearly the of life for the people that live here, the education of our young people, but also in terms of the ability of these kinds of activities and resources to attract tourists to this county,” says Graham.

Specifically cultural tourists, considered the most desired kinds of visitors.

“They generally stay a day longer than your regular tourists and they spend some substantial amount more money every time," says Graham.

Graham also says cultural tourism attracts repeat visitors as well. It's no secret most people come to Walton County for its miles of white sandy beaches, but the cultural plan offers a blueprint of sorts that would let everyone know there's more to Walton County than just the beach.

The cultural plan will be presented before the board of Walton County commissioners in May for approval.