Reality Radio: Gauging the Shock Value

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"I really don't know how you do an abortion on the radio, but I'm going to be listening, and I can tell you this: if Glenn Beck goes off the air, I switch stations."

The caller voiced his opinion on the chat line for local Talk Radio 101, an opinion with little variation from most of the other callers.

Program director, Doc Washburn, and host of the morning talk show, "What's Up Doc" on Talk Radio 101 has no plan to pull the plug.

"He got the idea, why don't we broadcast a live abortion procedure on the air, because if the pro-choicers are right and it's just a simple surgical procedure, it's not about a baby, then what's the big deal?"

It is a big deal to Bob Gilmore, an advocate for pro-choice, who says this will do nothing positive in the discussion about abortion.

"Who would argue that abortion's a pretty thing. Yes, terminating a pregnancy isn't very pretty and it's a grim decision for a person to make," says Gilmore.

"Most of our listeners who are pro-choice are horrified because, in my opinion, they don't want to deal with what abortion really is, which is dead babies."

Sparking discussion or using shock to gain fans is up to the listeners Friday morning, even though several are already voicing support.

"Am I the only one who sees the irony in the term, 'airing a live abortion?'"

And if all goes as planned, it will air live for all to hear, if they choose.