Fed Dollars Pour into Local Project

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Support for Jackson County's emerging industrial park keeps pouring in. The U.S. Department of Commerce is the latest to buy into the county's long-term job growth plan with a $2 million check.

The money will be used for road and infrastructure costs to get other companies to join the soon-to-be Family Dollar distribution center at the intersection of I-10 and Highway 276.

"And Jackson County, quite honestly, is an area that's not had the kind of job growth that other parts of Florida have seen, and this is a very significant step forward for this county in opening up this 90-acre business park," says David Sampson of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In addition to the two million federal dollars, the city, the county and the state are together putting in about four and a half million dollars.

"We think we're ideally located in such a way East and West, North and South and in the Tri-state area that we can get other distribution centers like Family Dollar."

Bill Stanton is one of several city and county leaders who worked to convince the Family Dollar company to build its newest distribution center in Marianna and not in Cordeel, Georgia. He says everything about the once secret Family Dollar project is very promising, including the more than 400 jobs that will become available as early as this July.

The Family Dollar company is itself putting in about $90 million into its Marianna distribution center. Once completed, the center will provide products for nearby Florida, Alabama and Georgia stores.