More Bus Problems

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After a week of headaches for Bay District school transportation officials, now another family is looking for answers after they say their child was attacked on the school bus ride home.

While some Rosenwald Middle School parents are still fuming over problems on their kids' bus, now another family is wondering just how safe school transportation is.

Surfside Middle School mother Barbara Holcomb laid into her daughter's bus driver on Friday, demanding to know how, "a girl gets gum and spit and toothpaste all over her and you don't see this going on?"

Holcomb says she wants to know why nothing was done to stop the eight or nine boys she says attacked her daughter on the bus heading home Friday.

This is just the most recent in bus troubles school officials have had to deal with. Two weeks ago the police had to be called out to calm down a bus full of Rosenwald Middle Schoolers.

Mother, Holly Holloway, wants to know why the bus drivers seem to have lost control. "It takes a special person to be a bus driver, that's why I don't do it, but if you are going to do it then you need to know what you are doing.”

Bay District Schools Transportation Supervisor, Malcolm Murphy, says his employees are trained bus drivers, not trained disciplinarians.

School officials expect the rules that apply in the classroom also apply in the bus. However, with only one adult on each bus and they are focusing on driving, it's hard to monitor 30-some children at the same time.

Bay County School Officials say they do not have the money to put an extra adult monitor on each bus.

The district put in cameras to try and monitor kids' behavior on the bus. Holcomb went to the Bay County School Bus Depot hoping to see her daughter's attackers caught on tape. "They told me I couldn't view the tape, I think if it's my daughter then I have a right to see it".

School officials are refusing all requests to view bus tapes saying it's an issue of student privacy. Holcomb says she'll get a lawyer to release the tape to her.