Shining Lights

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The local group called Turtle Watch says the loggerhead sea turtles who live in the Gulf are endangered. They're also in danger of wandering towards light and away from the water.

Residents in the west end of Bay County on Panama City Beach are already required to either turn off lights or shield the light from the beach.

Nancy Evou with Turtle Watch says the turtles are better protected if everyone along the beach complies with the lighting restrictions.

"If you have a light on, close the curtain so it's not visible from the beach. Put a shield around the light to make it less visible, but the best is to just turn off the lights," says Nancy.

If you see any hatchlings on the beach, call Fish and Wildlife immediately so they can make sure the little ones are going in the right direction.

"We have volunteers that will come to the area and if the hatchlings are disoriented we will collect them in a cooler and we will take them to a darker beach and release them."

Turtle friendly lights can be found at Home Depot, Lowe's, Rachel's Lighting and Evans Lighting. For more information about the turtle nesting season, go to